I solve design “problems”

Being a designer is an experience that allows me to interact in a different way with my surroundings while I transform how others interacts with theirs.

I am a Designer with an undergraduate degree in Design with an emphasis in communication and two minors in literature: creative writing and literate edition. I’m currently in the process of getting my MFA in Graphic Design and Visual Experience at the Savannah College of Art and Design (May, 2019).

Design and Ethics are my biggest passions and I believe that in order to be a good designer, we must design for humanity and aiming for a positive social impact. I’m currently developing my thesis around this topic and will share it with the world soon!

My skills and interests are in the production of concepts, ethos, and universes derived from investigation. I am passionate about research and how it, in combination with my editorial design, art direction, and graphic design skills, translates into meaningful work.

The projects that I have been involved with have allowed me to connect with people, have a deeper understanding about human needs, and communicate across multiple disciplines and groups. These experiences have developed my leadership and creativity, and established a passion toward projects that benefit children and communities.