The Premature Burial


The Premature Burial is a re-edition I designed for Edgar Allan Poe’s story. The idea was to take the assigned text, develop a concept and construct an editorial piece that responded to it. The main focus of Poe’s text is to talk about how scary and tragic it would be to be buried alive. I took this idea and reflected it through the layout of the text. This was done with the intention to make the text fell confined, suffocated and with limited space, just like someone buried alive.

In order to complete this, I developed different collages that responded to the text and illustrated what it was communicating. I also used different kinds of papers that allowed the reader to feel different textures and colors. The main paper was recycled with little brown dots that looked like soil spilled over the cream color.

In addition to the editorial piece, I used the collages to create different sketchbooks mixing the different papers used and a t-shirt printed with the main collage.