"Huellas" was my undergraduate thesis. It is an editorial project linked to a system that seeks to collect stories through connections between different people. The project was inspired by my childhood and how the different activities that I used to share with my parents made me develop some of my personal and academical choices like studying design and literature.

Through an introspection process (inspirational booklet and instructions) I guided people to remember their past: the people they met, the travels they made, the classes they took… everything that had an influence in building them and making them who they are nowadays. "Huellas" wants to reveal the multiplicity of stories that one person holds through an introspection and reflexive process. These books are the compilation of the 49 stories that different people shared with me.

The project was selected as one of the best graduate thesis and exposed in “Volarán” exhibit at Universidad de los Andes. It will also be published in "La Fábrica" book in 2018.