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Pet Mom

Pet Mom

Art direction & research project
campaign to Position Method cleaning products as the expert in NAtural cleaning products

Project developed with Veronica Ibrahim, Art Director.


Conduct primary and secondary research, process insights and data. Develop visuals for the printed campaign and collaborated in the UI development of the APP. Copywriter.

My role:


Being a Mom today goes beyond having kids

Through research, we identified pet moms (moms that treat their pets with equal importance to their children) as the new trending moms. These moms go online looking for products, feedback, and tips for their loved ones, pets and kids. Moms are concerned about using cleaning products with chemicals since it can risk their pet life. Method's cleaning products are non-toxical, chemical free and sustainable.  The campaign focus on the importance of why every pet mom should use them in order to take care of the family.

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