I’m Juanita, a multidisciplinary designer focused on Design Research & Human Centered Design.

I’m passionate about studying people and learning from them to construct better design outcomes. I believe we hold in our hands the power and capability to, as Herbert Simon stated, transform existing situations into preferred ones.

I decided to be a designer because being a designer is an experience that allows me to interact in a different way with my surroundings while I transform how others interacts with theirs.

Design and Ethics are my biggest passions and I believe that in order to be a good designer, we must design for humanity and aiming for a positive social impact.

My skills and interests are in the production of concepts, ethos, and universes derived from investigation. I am passionate about research and how it, in combination with my editorial design, art direction, and graphic design skills, translates into meaningful work.

The projects that I have been involved with have allowed me to connect with people, have a deeper understanding about human needs, and communicate across multiple disciplines and groups. These experiences have developed my leadership and creativity, and established a passion toward projects that benefit children and communities.



2019, May // M.F.A. Graphic Design Visual Experience
GPA: 3.83
Savannah College of Art & Design
Savannah, GA.

2018, Dec // Risography Workshop
Riso Baby Studio
Bogotá, Colombia.

2017, Mar // B.F.A. Design
Emphasis on Communication
Minor in Literate Edition
Minor in Creative Writing
GPA: 4.25
Los Andes University
Bogotá, Colombia.

Professional Experience

Current // Design Intern
Venables Bell & Partners
San Francisco, CA.

2019, Feb - Jun // Student Ambassador
2019, Jan - Mar // Graphic Design Teacher Assistant
Savannah College of Art & Design
Savannah, GA.

2018, Jun - Sep // Graphic Designer & Communication’s Team Lead
Project Resound
International Project.

2018, Mar - Jun // Graphic Designer & Researcher
Savannah, GA.

2017, May - Sep // Graphic Designer & Photographer
Clients: CAT, Crate & Barrel, Hush Puppies, Fundación Santa Fé
Bogotá, Colombia.

2016, Nov - Feb // In House Graphic Designer, Photographer
& Community Manager
María Clara Leyva
Bogotá, Colombia.

2016, Jun - Feb // In House Graphic Designer, Photographer
& Community Manager
Terely, Repostería Creativa
Bogotá, Colombia.

Awards & Accomplishments

Savannah College of Art & Design:
M.F.A. Thesis
Awarded top 2 outstanding Grad thesis
2017, May.

Academic Award
Achievement Award
Student Incentive

Los Andes University:
La Fábrica No. 8, Printed Issue
Thesis Project: Huellas
2018. Bogotá, Colombia.

Volaran Exhibition
Top 5 Thesis Project: Huellas
2017, Feb.

La Fábrica No. 6, Printed Issue
Typographic Project: LVTK
2016. Bogotá, Colombia.

Andando Exhibition
Typographic Project: LVTK
2015, May.

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM):
LVTK Project Exhibited
2014, May.