Typographic & editorial project
visual identity for the helvetica neue typeface


Helvetica is the jeans & the beatles

LVTK is a typography project inspired in Helvetica Neue. The problem presented was to select a typography and a color palette. With this, I had to design 10 different pieces that included: logo, wall covering, a set of 3 sketchbooks, a package, a magazine cover, an extended fanzine in a picture, a t-shirt design, and stationery among others. You had to work with the different serial ranges, points and aperture that the typography offers.

I stablished an aesthetic and color palette that allowed me to reinforce the modern and vital nature of the selected font. Each of the 10 pieces responds to this task and was made using different materials or techniques depending on the piece.

This project was exhibited in "Andando" exposition at Universidad de los Andes and at Universidad Autónoma Nacional de México (UNAM) in 2014 and 2015. It was also published in "La Fabrica No.07" book by Universidad de los Andes, 2016.