Editorial Project · Fanzine
the punk movement explained through paper illustrations


Punk means being individual

The punk movement was born in the UK, Australia and the United States in 1970 thanks to a group of friends that used to sing, play guitar, bass and drums. Punks are usually seen as aggressive but they are not. Plenty of the ideals of their manifesto were built borrowing ideas from the Hippie movement, like being vegetarian and opposing to violence.

Being Punk means being original and having a different opinion in comparison to the mass. Being Punk is about having your own likings in music, clothes, food, literature, movies among other things.


For this project I was assigned two restrictions: a three-color palette and paper as the main resource. I have one of those famous teddy bears from Hard Rock so I used it as an inspiration for my color palette and story.

The fanzine is about a bear that wants to be punk so he learns everything about this movement. Each of the scenes shows a characteristic of the movement: opposing to mass media, being vegetarian, nonviolent and clothing style. When you unfold the fanzine there’s a poster that explains the movement’s history.

The fanzine was complemented with a tote bag and pins.