Microscopic Photography

Side Project · Photography & fashion
Pattern Design


Kimono showcasing a SEM microscope picture of raincoat fabric. Digitally colored and patterned.



I had the amazing opportunity of taking pictures with a variety of microscopes. This allowed me to explore all sorts of materials, objects and basically whatever I could place under the lens. I fell in love with microscopic photography as it shows a world we don’t get everyday access.

From all the microscopes I got access to my favorite was the SEM (Scanning Electronic Microscope) which uses electron illumination and shows the image in 3D. The pictures taken with this microscope always come in black and white so I explored with coloring techniques to create unique pieces.

The kimono is just one of the pieces I produced using the pictures from the microscope. Depending on the microscope used the outcome is completely different as well as the patterns.


Other fun explorations from the microscope pictures

Artboard 16.png